Bounce Fit

Bounce Fit

Bounce Fit is an excellent form of physical activity. It combines an overall workout with music and energetic fun. Training with trampolines improves overall fitness, shapes your body and releases endorphins.

In terms of the effectiveness, the trampoline is the second best form of training to swimming. Performing adequate exercise while jumping allows you burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. That’s three times more than while jogging! Trampoline is beneficial for the whole muscular system, harmoniously developing every part of your body. Importantly, it does so without unduly straining joints. As a result, it can also be enjoyed by those who suffer from pain in knees or hips during jogging/running.

With trampoline fitness, you are certain that your time is not wasted. You will ensure a healthy strong body, radiant appearance and a sense of fulfilment.

Break out your normal training routine and jump fit with Bounce Fit.

Trampoline advantages:
  • Intensive training of large muscle groups includes calves, thighs, abdomen, back and arms
  • Effective cardio workout: you’ll burn up to 250 calories in 15 minutes. It is 1000 kcal per hour!!!
  • Coordination and balance improvement
  • Easy for the joints

Classes schedule:

Bounce Fit instructor

I am a great enthusiast of healthy diets and particularly physical activities such as trampoline fitness, strength and circuit training. I am also active in boxing and Brazilian Ju-jitsu.

In December, 2014 I completed a course for Strength and Fitness training, which specializes in muscle strengthening, weight loss and supportive effects of diet, improving your overall efficiency and well-being at different levels of advancement.

I have also completed a coaching course in trampoline fitness which then began my BounceFit instructor carrier. Thanks to BounceFit I can combine fun training with my positive energy influencing others long after their workout.

I love to motivate people into sport, sharing my knowledge to help others to change their bodies and life. It is not only their success but also mine.

I am constantly broadening my knowledge and experience in the field of training and supplementation.

Bounce Fit Classes

Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

6.20 PM

Book NOW!. Limited number of places.

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