Children Grappling and BJJ

Children classes

We want to provide a unique opportunity and alternative to traditional martial arts classes for children. At Husaria Wexford, children learn self-defense techniques in a non-aggressive and non-intimidating environment. Our children classes are designed to instil a well-rounded mixed martial arts skill set with emphasis on lifelong values of self-confidence, discipline, respect and mental focus. We also introduce kids to an active, healthy lifestyle that builds character, self-esteem, and the interpersonal skills necessary for peaceful conflict resolution.

Children will be shown basic striking and grappling techniques in a fun, relaxed, and controlled setting. Class will begin with a warm-up that incorporates the same warm-up drills adults use in classes. We will use different games that either focus on a certain skill or will improve their focus and/or fitness to keep students engaged with their training.

Classes schedule:

Children Grappling instructor

I have been training with Mariusz Domasat, the holder of Husaria Fight Club master licence. I am also certified in BJJ and MMA, while holding a purple Belt and a Diploma in ADCC Refereeing. I have extensive experience in refereeing as well as many gold, silver and bronze medals from various competitions allowing me to continuously improv and deliver better levels of customer experience, keeping ahead and up to date in terms of quality, value and innovation.

Husaria Wexford provides training classes in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling and Bounce Fit to both adults and children on the grounds of a registered premises. Our classes are accessible to anyone, and we are providing a dedicated, professional and personal experience for each and every customer.

The difference between the other instructors and myself is that I constantly take part in the BJJ/MMA tournaments. I will say I am not the best in the world but Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is my life passion in everything I do.

I am not the best
but I have the potencial
to be something great.

“Anderson Silva”

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