No-Gi Grappling

No-Gi Grappling

In no-gi grappling, practitioners wear – you guessed it – no gi. Instead, they usually wear attire associated with surfing, specifically rash guards and board shorts. Ultimate Fighting Championship aficionados might be used to seeing male mixed martial artists in either only compression shorts or compression shorts under board shorts, but no shirt. And female mixed martial artists tend to wear sports bras, perhaps a rash guard, and compression shorts and perhaps board shorts.

Another difference between gi and no-gi grappling has to do with strategy. In gi grappling, use of the gi – sleeves, collar, pant legs – figures prominently in gaining and controlling position, as well as in applying submissions. Practitioners can execute collar chokes, or use the sleeve or the hem of the gi to tie up a partner’s arm or hand. In no-gi grappling, on the other hand, grabbing the clothes is generally not allowed. Instead, practitioners can try to control an opponent by gripping the body’s natural handles: the neck, the wrist, the elbow, the knee, the hips, etc. This is also allowed in gi grappling, but is the only option in no-gi. The lack of heavy cotton cloth to soak up sweat in no-gi grappling also tends to affect the pace of a match and the ease with which an opponent can slip out of a bad position.

This martial arts class focuses on the following methods and positions:
  • The neck and the wrist grabs
  • The elbow and the knee grabs

Classes schedule:

No-Gi “Grappling” instructor

I have been training with Mariusz Domasat, the holder of Husaria Fight Club master licence. I am also certified in BJJ and MMA, while holding a purple Belt and a Diploma in ADCC Refereeing. I have extensive experience in refereeing as well as many gold, silver and bronze medals from various competitions allowing me to continuously improv and deliver better levels of customer experience, keeping ahead and up to date in terms of quality, value and innovation.

Husaria Wexford provides training classes in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling and Bounce Fit to both adults and children on the grounds of a registered premises. Our classes are accessible to anyone, and we are providing a dedicated, professional and personal experience for each and every customer.

The difference between the other instructors and myself is that I constantly take part in the BJJ/MMA tournaments. I will say I am not the best in the world but Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is my life passion in everything I do.

It is not about
how strong you are,
big or fast you are

It is all about how hard you train

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