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Our Professional Instructors

There’s no better friend than a fistful of power and knowledge!

Radoslaw Kajfasz

Owner/Head Instructor

I have been training with Mariusz Domasat, the holder of Husaria Fight Club master licence. I am also certified in BJJ and MMA, while holding a purple Belt and a Diploma in ADCC Refereeing. I have extensive experience in refereeing as well as many gold, silver and bronze medals from various competitions allowing me to continuously improv and deliver better levels of customer experience, keeping ahead and up to date in terms of quality, value and innovation.

Aleksandra Blimka

BounceFit Instructor

I am a great enthusiast of healthy diets and particularly physical activities such as trampoline fitness, strength and circuit training. I am also active in boxing and Brazilian Ju-jitsu.

In December 2014 I completed a course for Strength and Fitness training, which specializes in muscle strengthening, weight loss and supportive effects of diet, improving your overall efficiency and well-being at different levels of advancement.